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The Moments

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Moments

1. Japanese dream-pop act from Nagoya. 2. The Moments - had only one major pop hit with "Love on a Two Way Street" except in the UK where 'Girls', 'Dolly My Love' and 'Jack In The Box' all charted.They had many years of successful singles on the R&B charts. The Moments who are originally from Washington, D.C.with Mark Greene also had an underground hit with "Not on the Outside" which was accepted my local listeners instantly!

Artist Tags For The Moments

1) Soul 2) 70s 3) Funk 4) Oldies 5) 1970s Soul

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Moments

1) Love On A Two Way Street 2) Walk Right In 3) Love on a Two-Way Street 4) Baby Let's Rap Now (Pt. 2) 5) Girls 6) Sexy Mama 7) It Must Be Love 8) To You With Love 9) I Do (LP Version) 10) Not on the Outside 11) Look at Me (I'm In Love) 12) Lovely Way She Loves 13) I've Got The Need (LP Version) 14) I Do 15) Dolly My Love 16) Baby Let's Rap Now (Part 2) 17) Girls (French) (LP Version) 18) Sunday 19) What's Your Name 20) Jack in the Box 21) If I Didn't Care 22) All I Have 23) How Close We Are 24) Nine Times 25) So This Is Our Goodbye 26) Gotta Find a Way 27) With You 28) My Thing 29) Baby I Want You 30) We're In Love 31) Rocky Raccoon 32) Rocky Racoon 33) Look What You've Done 34) I've Got The Need 35) Come Away With Me 36) When The Morning Comes 37) I've Got to Keep on Loving You 38) I'm So Lost 39) I Feel So Good Again 40) Just Because He Wants to Make Love (Doesn't Mean He Loves You) 41) Lucky Me 42) I Don't Wanna Go 43) I Could Have Loved You 44) Not On The Outside [Live At The NY State Woman's Prison] 45) Girl I'M Gonna Miss You 46) Stay Away 47) Got To Get To Know You 48) Beautiful Woman 49) Girl Don't Go 50) Key to my happiness

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For The Moments

1) The Moments On The Outside 2) Walk Right In 3) Love on a Two-way Street 4) Day By Day 5) Complete Stang Singles Collection 6) Look At Me 7) Love On A Two-Way Street (US Release) 8) A Moment With The Moments 9) Look At Me (Remastered) 10) (null) 11) Love On A Two Way Street & Other Favorites 12) Live At The New York State Women's Prison 13) My Thing 14) Sweet New Jersey Soul 15) The Best of the Moments: Love on a Two-Way Street [Rhino] 16) The Sugar Hill Records Story Disc 1 17) Not On the Outside, But on the Inside, Strong! 18) Baby I Want You (7-inch) 19) Greatest Hits 20) Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon & McCartney 21) Moments to Remember 22) Those Sexy Moments 23) Love On a Two-Way Street - The Best of the Moments 24) Look at Me/Live at the New York State Women's Prison 25) As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 3 26) C86JPN 27) Love Is In The Air 28) Soul City 29) recipe for tasty donuts (j dilla donuts originals) (Bootleg) 30) Baby I Want You 31) Body + Soul - Slow And Easy (Disc 2) 32) On Top 33) Recipe For Tasty Donuts 34) The Best of the Moments: Love on a Two-Way Street [Rhino 1996] 35) Moments With You 36) The Sounds Of The Seventies: 1970 37) Smooth Grooves: The 60s, Volu 38) C86JPN Covers 39) Lowrider Oldies, Vol. 4 40) My Thing / Other Side Of The Moments 41) The Best Of The Moments: Love On A Two-Way Street 42) The Immediate Years CD 1 43) Look at Me, I'm In Love 44) Saint Etienne Present Songs For Marios Cafe 45) East Side Story, Vol. 1-12 (2 of 12) 46) East Side Story, Vol. 9 47) as heard on radio soulwax pt.3 48) The Moments Collection 49) Can You Dig It? The '70s Soul Experience 50) Kanye West: Original Samples

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