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The Tokens

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Tokens

The Tokens are an American male doo-wop-style vocal group and record production company group from Brooklyn, New York. They are known best for their chart-topping 1961 single, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". The group was formed in 1955 at Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School, and was known first as The Linc-Tones. Originally featuring members Neil Sedaka, Hank Medress, Eddie Rabkin, and Cynthia Zolotin, Rabkin was replaced by Jay Siegel in 1956, and the band recorded its first single, "While I Dream" that same year.

Artist Tags For The Tokens

1) Oldies 2) 60s 3) Pop 4) Doo Wop 5) 50s

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Tokens

1) The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) 3) Tonight i Fell in Love 4) La Bamba 5) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Re-Recorded / Remastered) 6) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1993 Version) 7) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Re-Recorded) 8) The Lions Sleeps Tonight 9) In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle 10) B'wanina (Pretty Girl) 11) Come Go With Me 12) You're Nothing But A Girl 13) Sincerely 14) I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night) 15) He's in Town 16) Portrait of My Love 17) Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) 18) Little Drummer Boy 19) Please Write 20) A Tale of Two Lovers 21) Lion Sleeps Tonight 22) She Lets Her Hair Down 23) For All That I Am 24) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Re-Recorded Version) 25) Hear The Bells (Ringing Bells) 26) Wimoweh Reprise 27) Little Hot Rod Suzie 28) The Lion Sleep Tonight 29) How Nice 30) A Thousand Miles Away 31) Tonight I Met an Angel 32) BONUS TRACK: The Lion Sleeps Tonight 33) How Nice? 34) When I Go To Sleep At Night 35) Dry Your Eyes 36) Monkey Vendor 37) The Lion Sleeps Tonite 38) Tonight, Tonight 39) A-B-C, 1-2-3 40) Water Prayer 41) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Live in Pittsburg) 42) Dream Angel Good Night 43) Bwanina (Pretty Girl) 44) Somewhere There's A Girl 45) The Little Drummer Boy 46) A Bird Flies Out Of Sight (Felicidad) 47) Don't Worry Baby 48) I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow 49) Little Snow White Coupe 50) When Summer Is Through

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For The Tokens

1) The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2) Wimoweh!!! - The Best Of The Tokens 3) 60s Classics 4) Oldies Are Now 5) The Definitive 60's (sixties) 6) Pure 60's: The #1 Hits 7) (null) 8) Sounds Of The City: New York Area Doo Wop 1956-1966 9) Good Morning Vietnam - Music & Words Of The '60s 10) Both Sides Now 11) The 1950's Compilation Album, Vol. 27 12) 100 '50s & '60s Hits 13) Wimoweh!!! The Best of the Tokens 14) One Hit Wonders 15) The Very Best of the Tokens 1964-1967 16) Bubble Gum Jukebox Hits 17) The Tokens Again 18) Magic Moments - Disc. 2 19) The Hits of 1961 20) Nipper's Greatests Hits 60's Vol. 1 21) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) [Single] 22) Very Best Of The Tokens 23) Unscrewed 24) 100 Doo Wop Classics 25) The Lion King - The Musical 26) The Greatest Hits Of The Tokens 27) Rock N' Roll Of The '60s 28) Lion Sleeps Tonight [CD Single] 29) The very best of The Tokens 30) Wimoweh: The Best of the Tokens 31) American Graffiti - '50s Rock N' Roll (Soundtrack To The '50s) 32) Rock of Oldies 33) All Time Greatest Hits 34) The Tokens 35) Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults 36) Muzyka z Reklam 37) The Lions Sleeps Tonight (Remastered) 38) Too Cool For School Mixtape For Kids 39) 60 Hits of the 60s 40) Cruisin' To The Hits Of The '50s & '60s 41) Tokens 42) Intercourse 43) Simply The Best Of The 60's 44) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) 45) The best of 50-60-70-80-90 46) Rock`n´Roll & Jukebox Hits Vol.2 - 50 Originals From The 50s & 60s 47) Wimoweh - The Best of the Tokens 48) It's A Happening World (Expanded Edition) 49) Greatest Hits 50) 50s Golden Treasures

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