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The Vicious Five

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Vicious Five

The Vicious Five were born out of an invisible Lisbon, made of suburban trips, of boredom as fuel and motive of copyright crimes and of the praise of celebration over spectacle. This quintet's punkrock foundations are set in combos such as X-acto, Shit Sandwich, Sannyasin, Renewal, Croustibat or As Good As Dead. Somewhere in 2003, Paulo S., Rui M., Joaquim A., Edgar L. e Bruno C. band up with a good name and a few ideas. Later that year they self-released their debut EP "THE ELECTRIC CHANTS OF THE DISENCHANTED".

Artist Tags For The Vicious Five

1) Seen Live 2) Portuguese 3) Alternative Rock 4) Punk 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Vicious Five

1) Bad Mirror 2) Suicide Club 3) the smile on those daggers 4) on a bus to nowhere 5) fallacies and fellatio 6) your mouth is a guillotine 7) hystereo 8) the electric youth 9) we did the west, let's do the rest 10) COFFEE HELPS 11) About Teennihilism 12) Don't Forget to Breathe 13) Lipstick # 5 14) Lisbon Calling 15) Damn Right It's Misbehaving 16) The Vice In Advice 17) Youth of Tonight 18) Sailor on Shore 19) axis and satellite 20) It's Hard to stay hard 21) a vulgar voice 22) Sounds Like Trouble 23) On Losing 24) Zero A Zero 25) The Electric Chants of the Disenchanted 26) fallacies and felatio 27) The Vicious Five are: lies 28) Lipstick Number Five 29) Mama Didn't Tell You About This 30) Kid Rebel FM 31) Ave Scissors 32) Destruction is Creation 33) all tomorrow's parties today 34) About Teennhihilism 35) We Go Round and Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire 36) Shook Me All Night Long 37) the vicious five - kid rebel fm 38) the vicious five - all tomorrow's parties today 39) the vicious five - ave scissors! 40) the vicious five - we go round and around in the night and are consumed by fire 41) the vicious five - destruction is creation 42) / bad mirror JULY_04 43) Young Divorce 44) Waste Of Love 45) Blur 46) Ghost Eviction 47) 09. Lipstick 5 48) 01 Electric Chants Of The Disenchated 49) The Smille On Those Daggers 50) Mama didn's tell you about this

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