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The Wildhearts

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts (formed in 1989) are a rock group from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The band's sound is a mixture of hard rock and melodic pop; punk metal with as much attention given to melody and songcraft as the high density of riffs, having been touted in the music press as combining influences as diverse as The Beatles and Metallica. The band split due to drug issues in 1997, coming together again in 2001 with the original Earth vs the Wildhearts lineup.

Artist Tags For The Wildhearts

1) Rock 2) Seen Live 3) Hard Rock 4) Alternative Rock 5) British

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Wildhearts

1) I Wanna Go Where the People Go 2) Vanilla Radio 3) Caffeine Bomb 4) Suckerpunch 5) My Baby Is a Headfuck 6) Greetings From Shitsville 7) TV Tan 8) Top Of The World 9) Just in Lust 10) The New Flesh 11) Everlone 12) Nita Nitro 13) Loveshit 14) Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes 15) Sick of Drugs 16) The Miles Away Girl 17) Shame on Me 18) So Into You 19) Geordie in Wonderland 20) Drinking About Life 21) Jonesing for Jones 22) News of the World 23) The Jackson Whites 24) Baby Strange 25) In Lilly's Garden 26) V-Day 27) Rooting for the Bad Guy 28) Someone That Won't Let Me Go 29) Caprice 30) Only Love 31) The Sweetest Song 32) Nexus Icon 33) One Love, One Life, One Girl 34) Love U Til I Don't 35) Woah Shit, You Got Through 36) Plastic Jebus 37) Action Panzer 38) Cold Patootie Tango 39) Stormy in the North, Karma in the South 40) There's Only One Hell 41) Be My Drug 42) The Only One 43) Slaughtered Authors 44) Putting It On 45) Get Your Groove On 46) Red Light - Green Light 47) Bipolar Baby 48) Naivety Play 49) 29 x The Pain 50) John of Violence

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