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The Young Gods

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Young Gods

The Young Gods are an industrial band, formed in Switzerland in 1985. Its current and past members include vocalist Franz Treichler, keyboard/sampler players Alain Monod (a.k.a Al Comet) and Cesare Pizzi and drummers Frank Bagnoud, Use Hiestand and Bernard Trontin. Treichler is the sole consistent member and the main songwriter of the band. They are considered as influential in the development of industrial rock genre during the 1980s, with their employment of samplers instead of traditional rock guitars.

Artist Tags For The Young Gods

1) Industrial 2) Experimental 3) Industrial Rock 4) Electronic 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Young Gods

1) Skinflowers 2) Kissing the Sun 3) Our House 4) Gasoline Man 5) I'm the Drug 6) Longue route 7) Charlotte 8) She Rains 9) Secret 10) Everythere 11) Lucidogen 12) T.V. Sky 13) Donnez Les Esprits 14) L'eau rouge 15) Freeze 16) L'amourir 17) Strangel 18) Outside 19) Speed Of Night 20) Child In The Tree 21) La fille de la mort 22) Gardez Les Esprits 23) Speak Low 24) Pas mal 25) Moon Revolutions 26) About Time 27) C'est quoi c'est ça 28) Dame Chance 29) Astronomic 30) El Magnifico 31) The Dreamhouse 32) September Song 33) Summer Eyes 34) Stay With Us 35) The Night Dance 36) Fais la mouette 37) Lointaine 38) Did You Miss Me 39) The Color Code 40) Crier les chiens 41) Alabama Song 42) Rue des tempêtes 43) Blooming 44) No Land's Man 45) Nous de la lune 46) Kissing The Sun (Orange Mix) 47) Sirius Business 48) Les enfants 49) Jimmy 50) Machine Arrière

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