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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tobacco

1) Solo project of Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tom Fec. He released the album Fucked Up Friends in 2008, the album Maniac Meat in 2010, the album ultima ii massage in 2014, and the album "Sweatbox Dynasty" in 2016. In 2018 he teamed up with Aesop Rock to form Malibu Ken 2) Band from Germany containing Zachary Johnson (also in Readymade) and Daniel Riedl (also in Rekord and Darlo). The debut album "Don't Deny Your Weakness" was released in 2000, the follow-up "Tobacco Saves Lives" in May 2004.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tobacco

1) Hairy Candy 2) Street Trash 3) Yum Yum Cult 4) Truck Sweat 5) Backwoods Altar 6) Hawker Boat 7) Side 8 (Big Gums Version) 8) Berries That Burn 9) Gross Magik 10) Little Pink Riding Hood 11) Stretch Your Face 12) Tape Eater 13) Gods In Heat 14) Pink Goo 15) Grease Wizard 16) Fresh Hex (feat. Beck) 17) Sweatmother 18) Motorlicker 19) Dirt (featuring Aesop Rock) 20) Constellation Dirtbike Head 21) Mexican Icecream 22) Lick the Witch 23) Father Sister Berzerker 24) Unholy Demon Rhythms 25) Heavy Makeup 26) Grape Aerosmith (feat. Beck) 27) Six Royal Vipers 28) Creepy Phone Calls 29) New Juices from the Hot Tub Freaks 30) Overheater 31) TV All Greasy 32) Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer) 33) Nuclear Waste Aerobics 34) Good Complexion 35) Dirt (feat. Aesop Rock) 36) Lipstick Destroyer 37) Video Warning Attempts 38) Streaker (feat. Notrabel) 39) Self Tanner 40) Beast Sting 41) Face Breakout 42) Human Om 43) Fantasy Trash Wave 44) Blow Your Heart 45) Dipsmack 46) Creaming for Beginners 47) Babysitter (feat. Trent Reznor) 48) Centaur Skin 49) Pool City, McKnight Road 50) Omen Classic

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