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Chris Cain

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Chris Cain

Chris Cain is a blues and jazz guitarist with an international following. He is originally from San Jose, California, and began playing professionally as a teenager there, in local clubs, at festivals, and at private events. A virtuoso guitar player, Cain is also regarded among his fans and in the blues community as one of the most innovative and creative improvisers playing blues and jazz guitar today. Cain received four W.C. Handy award nominations in 1987 for his debut album, Late Night City Blues, including Guitarist of the Year.

Artist Tags For Chris Cain

1) Blues 2) Berlin 3) Rhythm And Blues 4) Blues Guitar 5) Bluesrock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Chris Cain

1) Helping Hand 2) Drinking Straight Tequila 3) Don't Let The Same Dog Bite You Twice 4) Movin' Back To Memphis 5) World Got The Blues Before Sunrise 6) Everything You Do Is Just Right 7) Hey Sweet Baby 8) First Time For Everything 9) Late Night City Blues 10) So Many Miles 11) Trouble Makin' Woman 12) Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Better Day 13) Do You Call That A Buddy 14) Good Old Days 15) Blues For Curtis J 16) Hall Of Shame 17) Tired of the Way You Do 18) Living On A Fault Line 19) Wake Up And Smell The Coffee 20) Good News 21) Bad Situation 22) Something's Got To Give 23) End Of The Tunnel 24) Street Of Broken Dreams 25) Place In This World 26) Late Night Jungle Dreams 27) Three Nights Without My Baby 28) Interplanetary Jam 29) Down At Dinos 30) Change My Luck 31) I Still Want To Believe 32) A Case Of The Blues 33) Before The Rooster Crows 34) Unscheduled Flight 35) While the City Sleeps 36) Love Doin' Something 37) Tippin' At Taylor's - Instrumental 38) Stars Over Memphis 39) You Give Me The Strength 40) Meanest Woman in Town 41) Downfall Of A Lonely Man 42) Middle Name Is Trouble 43) Up On Stoney Mountain 44) East Foothill Fingerprints 45) Double Dose 46) Steppin' On A Highwire 47) The Day Your Good Luck Goes Away 48) Feel the Chill 49) You're The Kind Of Woman That Ain't That Hard To Find 50) Ain't Gonna Worry

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Chris Cain

1) Unscheduled Flight 2) Hall Of Shame 3) Somewhere Along The Way 4) Late Night City Blues 5) Cuttin' Loose 6) Can't Buy A Break 7) So Many Miles 8) Chris Cain 9) Gibson Presents: Hot Tones in High Definition 10) Bare Blues 11) (null) 12) Cain Does King 13) If This Is Love…I'd Rather Have The Blues 14) Prime Chops Volume Three 15) Live at the Rep 16) Teenage Hop - Lost Tracks Of The '50s & Early '60s 17) White Line Flyers 18) Good Whiskey Blues vol.12 19) Prime Chops Volume 3 20) Blind Pig Records: 20th Anniversary Collection (disc 2) 21) Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection [Disc 2] 22) If This Is Love...I'd Rather Have the Blues 23) Good Whiskey Blues Vol. 12 24) We Are Scientists Podcast 25) Blind Pig Records: 20th Anniversary Collection Disc 2 26) Blind Pig Sampler: Prime Chops, Vol. 3 27) Blind Pig Records' 20th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2) 28) Blind Pig Records: 20th Anniversary Collection 29) Blind Pig Records' 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 2 30) Blind Pig Records' 20th Anniversary Collection [Disc 2] 31) In The Mood For Memphis Vol. 2 32) Slow Blues 10 33) Just Write 34) For The Love Of Ray 35) Prime Chops Vol. 3 36) Prime Chops Volume Two 37) Blind Pig Sampler- Prime Chops- Volume 3 38) Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection 39) In the Mood for Memphis, Vol. 2 40) Romaphonic Session 41) Blind Pig Records- 20th Anniversary Collection (Disk 2 of 2) 42) Bare Blues - Instrumental Gems 43) Live At The Rep 44) [올드팝부르스 500] 45) Blind Pig Sampler: Prime Chops, Vol. 2 46) Just Write St 47) Chris Cain Collection 48) IndieFeed: Blues Music 49) Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2) 50) Blind Pig Records - 20th Anniversary Collection (Disk2 of 2)

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