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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Corona

Corona can refer to different artists: 1. Olga de Souza, artistically known as Corona, was born in Rio de Janeiro in a musical family, her father being a musician and her mother a singer, music has been her passion ever since she was young. The year 1994 she debut with ‘The Rhythm of the night’ which stayed number one in the top ten Italian charts for 13 consecutive weeks. In England, ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ topped the charts and sold over 1 million copies.

Artist Tags For Corona

1) Dance 2) Eurodance 3) 90s 4) Pop 5) 90s Dance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Corona

1) The Rhythm of the Night 2) Baby Baby 3) Rhythm Of The Night 4) Try Me Out 5) I Don't Wanna Be a Star 6) The Rhythm of the night "rapino bros" 7) Baby I Need Your Love 8) Back In Time (Original Mix) 9) Don't Go Breaking My Heart 10) Get Up and Boogie 11) Back In Time (Rebelbit Video Mix) 12) back in time (da tribe guitar mix) 13) When I Give My Love 14) Rhythm Of The Night (Blonde Version) 15) Do You Want Me 16) I Want Your Love 17) You Gotta Be Movin' 18) The Summer Is Magic 19) In the Name of Love 20) The Rhythm Of The Night - Rapino Bros 7 21) I'll Be Your Lady (Nowak Vocal Extended Mix) 22) The Rhythm Of The Night (Radio Edit) 23) Rhythm Of The Night (Hotel Garuda Remix feat. AObeats) 24) Baby, Baby 25) I'll Be Your Lady (Nowak Vocal Radio Edit) 26) I'll Be Your Lady (Original Pop Mixt) 27) I'll Be Your Lady (Hollywood Boulevard Mix) 28) The Rythm of the Night 29) Baby Baby (Lee Marrow radio mix) 30) Baby Baby (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) 31) I Gotta Keep Dancin' 32) Hurry Up - Javi Mula Rework 33) Back in Time (Francesco Conte Happy Mix) 34) Rhythm Of The Night (Kill Them With Colour Remix) 35) Rhythm Of the Night (Hotel Garuda Remix Ft. AObeats) 36) Baby Baby - Lee Marrow Radio Mix 37) I Gotta Keep Dancing 38) Megamix 39) The Power of Love 40) Baby Baby (Lee Marrow Remix) 41) I Don't Wanna be A Star - Lee Marrow E.U.R.O Radio Edit 42) Rhytm Of The Night 43) Chemical Generation 44) Back in Time 45) Walking On Music 46) Be my lover 47) Santa Rita Lifestyle 48) Megamix - Radio Version 49) Because the night 50) Perdido na Variante

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