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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Darude

Darude is known worldwide for his anthemic trance style. He is an electronic dance music producer, DJ and lives in Turku, Finland. He debuted in 1999 with the smash single Sandstorm (#1 hit in numerous charts around the world) and subsequent album Before the Storm. Virtanen started his career as an amateur musician while in high school, making music using his PC's tracker software. As his interest in music production rapidly grew, he moved on to more serious production techniques.

Artist Tags For Darude

1) Trance 2) Electronic 3) Dance 4) Techno 5) Electronica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Darude

1) Sandstorm 2) Feel The Beat 3) Sandstorm - radio edit 4) Out Of Control 5) Calm Before the Storm 6) Touch Me Feel Me 7) Burning 8) Let the Music Take Control 9) Sandstorm (Radio Edit) 10) The Flow 11) Drums of New York 12) Music 13) Sandstorm (Original Mix) 14) Tell Me 15) Sandstorm (JS16 Remix) 16) Bitter Sweet 17) Sandstorm [Radio Edit] 18) Rush 19) Passing By 20) Sandstorm - Original Mix 21) Drive 22) Healing 23) Ranta 24) Serendipity 25) Obsession 26) My Game 27) Feel the beat - radio version 28) Sandstorm (Terpsichord Remix) 29) Music (Bostik Radio Edit) 30) Sandstorm (original version) 31) Feel the Beat (JS16 Dark remix) 32) Look Away 33) Feel The Beat (Rocco & Heist Remix 1) 34) blade techno opener 35) Next To You (RMX Radio Edit) 36) Ecstacy 37) Next To You 38) Stars (Here With Me) 39) Beautiful Alien (feat. AI AM) - Radio Edit 40) Out of Control (Back for More) 41) In The Darkness (Tech Mix) 42) Good Grooves 43) Sandstorm - (Original Version) 44) Lost 45) Sandstorm ((JS16 Remix)) 46) Bad 47) Label This! 48) In The Darkness (Trance Mix) 49) Feel the Beat (JS16 Dark Mix) 50) For Those I Love

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