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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Deee-Lite

Deee-Lite was a dance music group formed in 1986 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and playing in NYC fusing house music, hip-hop, funk and techno- before there was a word for techno. Lady Miss Kier named their production company "Sampladelic" and described their music as holographic techno-soul. They were dedicated to outrageous live shows handing out daisies, projecting Captain Whizzo's psychedelic lightshow, employing voguers and other free-styling club dancers as opposed to rigid formation choreography

Artist Tags For Deee-Lite

1) Dance 2) Pop 3) Electronic 4) 90s 5) Electronica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Deee-Lite

1) Groove Is in the Heart 2) Power Of Love 3) Good Beat 4) Deee-Lite Theme 5) What Is Love? 6) E.S.P. 7) Who Was That? 8) Mind Melt 9) World Clique 10) Smile On 11) Runaway 12) Call Me 13) Deep Ending 14) Build the Bridge 15) Bittersweet Loving 16) Pussycat Meow 17) Say Ahhh... 18) Apple Juice Kissing 19) Heart Be Still 20) Try Me On...I'm Very You 21) Picnic in the Summertime 22) Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest 23) I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the Ozone Layer 24) Bring Me Your Love 25) I Won't Give Up 26) Music Selector Is The Soul Reflector 27) Somebody 28) Love Is Everything 29) You Sexy Thing 30) Party Happening People 31) Groove Is in the Heart [1990] 32) Frenchapella 33) Try Me On... I'm Very You 34) River of Freedom 35) When You Told Me You Loved Me 36) What is love 37) Vote, Baby, Vote 38) Sampladelic 39) Goodbeatapella 40) How Do You Say...Love 41) Electric Shock 42) Groove Is in the Heart (LP version) 43) Groove Is In The Heart - Remix Version 44) Two Clouds Above Nine 45) Thank You Everyday 46) Rubber Lover 47) I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) 48) DMT (Dance Music Trance) 49) Fuddy Duddy Judge 50) Come On In, The Dreams Are Fine

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