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Guillermo Del Noche

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Guillermo Del Noche

Guillermo Del Noche has been playing music and touring throughout the world for over 28 years. Guillermo has worked in the pit for live theater, played on numerous film/television scores, been music director for tours, 1000's of hours in the studio, plays 7 instruments and has been a touring musician for 17 years playing 3000+ Live shows. Guillermo Del Noche Studios was founded in May of 2009 and Guillermo Del Noche Films created in June of 2009.

Artist Tags For Guillermo Del Noche

1) Dobro 2) Soul Coughing 3) Lee Scratch Perry 4) Caribbean 5) Joe Satriani

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Guillermo Del Noche

1) Jacket To Porn 2) Bass Face - The Psychotic Neurotic 3) Wishing Well 4) Dub at the Devil's Disco 5) Dub Mystifications 6) The World Hates A Happy Man (Entropy And Me) 7) As the World Wept 8) Enter Mr. DJ 9) When Cosmos Collide 10) Bollywood and Vine 11) Sludge Funked and the Family Stoned 12) Bittersweet Symphony 13) Riders On the Storm 14) Clint Eastwood Is the Walrus 15) Resurrect Yourself 16) Bok, Bok, Bok, Bok, Bok, Bukcock 17) Naked 18) The Righteous and The WIcked 19) No Cell Reception In Dub Hell 20) My Country Pumkin Muffin 21) Waiting For the End 22) Mi Nombre No Es Pinche Pablo 23) BomBastic 24) Fuc King 25) Hey Man Nice Shot 26) Has Anyone Seen My Sanity? 27) God Help You If You Feed Your Mind Too Much 28) Quaalude Interlude 29) King For A Day Maybe Two 30) No No No (You Don't Love Me) 31) So Where Exactly Are You Going With This One 32) Uninhibited 33) Don't Walk on My Cloud 34) Give Me Salvation 35) Guru U Guru Me 36) You Ain't Got a Prayer 37) Evam Me Sutam 38) Abbey Road (Medley) 39) Sorrow of Souls 40) Does Not Play Well With Others 41) Phunkie 42) A Fleeting Sound 43) Look To the Sun 44) Watching the Detectives 45) Rasta Rant 46) So What Choo Sayin' 47) The Better Cheddar Shredder 48) What Universe Is Your Neighborhood In? 49) Feel The Bass 50) Shittier Faced Than You Wanker

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