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JD Allen

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For JD Allen

There are two artists known as JD Allen, one is a jazz saxophonists and one is a Gospel Artist see the gospel JD info below: JD Allen Jazz Hailed by the New York Times as "a tenor saxophonist with an enigmatic, elegant and hard-driving style" J.D. Allen is one of the most thoughtful jazz saxophonists on the scene today. Although born in Detroit (December 11, 1972), his apprenticeship has largely been in New York, where he has performed, recorded

Artist Tags For JD Allen

1) Saxophone 2) Jazz 3) USA 4) Post-Bop 5) Sax

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For JD Allen

1) PUT ON A HAPPY FACE 2) Gone with the Wind 3) PRISONER OF LOVE 4) Stranger In Paradise 5) Barracoon 6) Until the Real Thing Comes Along 7) WHY WAS I BORN 8) You're My Thrill 9) Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies 10) Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) 11) EYE Scream 12) G sus 13) Victory! 14) The Goldilocks Zone 15) The Immortal (H. Lacks) 16) Jaya Paul 17) When you wish upon a star 18) 13 19) Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil 20) Cotton 21) Another man done gone 22) Beyond the Goldilocks Zone 23) Americana 24) Bigger Thomas 25) If You Could See Me Now 26) Mass 27) The North Star 28) Communion 29) Sugar Free 30) Stardust 31) Ursa Major 32) Lillie Mae Jones 33) Omar 34) I Am - I Am 35) The Pilot's Compass 36) Lightnin' 37) Sitting Bull 38) Hajile 39) If You're Lonesome, Then You're Not Alone 40) id 41) Lonely Woman 42) Titus 43) Louisada 44) Naked 45) Ezequiel 46) The Thirsty Ear 47) Little Joe 48) Pagan 49) Othello 50) Radio Flyer

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