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Matthew Labarge

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Matthew Labarge

From After engineering school, I saved up for a bit and, when I was 28, quit my engineering job to study composition full time with the great composer John Hilliard. I had piano lessons for the next two and a half years, but I did a good bit better with composition than piano. Savings ran out after a few years, so it was back to the office job. Even though music took a back seat to work, I was trying to figure out what held me back from being a better player.

Artist Tags For Matthew Labarge

1) Piano 2) New Age 3) Solo Piano 4) Contemporary Jazz 5) Piano Solo

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Matthew Labarge

1) Solace 1 2) Evening Descends 3) Love Song 4) thanksgiving 5) Always Eventually Daybreak 6) song 7) solace 8) Prelude (snowing) 9) hope 10) Joyfully 11) Rhapsody (moonrise) 12) Song (lullaby) 13) The Sun Sets Earlier Now 14) Song (nocturne) 15) Song (i Can't Believe I'm the Only One) 16) Over Such Beauty 17) Waltz 18) Fantasy 19) First Light 20) Cold Wind 21) Peace 22) don't be afraid 23) Wedding Waltz 24) Dream (now That the Lilacs Are in Bloom) 25) Leaves Dancing 26) Song (Kids Playing) 27) Barcarolle (in Small Hours) 28) Prelude (Clouds Roll In) 29) Never So Many Colors 30) Sunrise 31) prelude 32) paean (cynelic gast) 33) deliverance 34) song (first fall night) 35) dance 36) Prelude (Flurries) 37) Solace 2 38) Prelude (Ever After) 39) song (scenes from melissa's dream) 40) paean (gamol gast) 41) Leaves Dancing (Now We Are Married) 42) Moonrise 43) [bonus Cd] Five Midnights: Two 44) I Can't Believe I'm the Only One 45) The Cold Wind is an Inevitable Guest 46) [bonus Cd] Five Midnights: Three 47) First Light on the Frost Covered Field 48) Spiriti 49) [bonus Cd] Five Midnights: One 50) [bonus Cd] Five Midnights: Five

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