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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Runestone

There are several bands named Runestone. 1) Runestone is an English new age duo comprising composer/musicians Chris Green and Robert Fenner. Both play a variety of instruments but are best known for keyboard and guitar. Their music takes its inspiration from their joint fascination with the power of ancestral sites: stone circles, earth works, dolmens and hallowed places where the lines between knowledge, understanding and faith have become blurred by time.

Artist Tags For Runestone

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Chillout 4) Dark Wave 5) World

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Runestone

1) Wildwood Night 2) Of Honey and Mead 3) The Well Of Secrets 4) Gateway To An Ancient World 5) The Sentient Forest 6) Forgotten Shores 7) The Sword and the Rose 8) Spellbooks and Candles 9) The Mirror and the Veil 10) The Lost Henge 11) The Raven and the Moon 12) The Magician and the Fool 13) Leylines & Labyrinths 14) Beneath A Sea Of Stars 15) Avenue Of Standing Stones 16) Rite Of Regression 17) Dancing Through Time 18) The Great Oak 19) Hands Across Time 20) Waves Of Recollection 21) Lunar Invocation 22) Dawn Of Enlightenment 23) Forgotten Gods 24) Fire Drums 25) The Power That Heals 26) Evening Mist 27) The Moon's Gift 28) Secrets of Avalon 29) The First Dream 30) The Essence Of Life 31) Winds of Change 32) The Court of Pendragon 33) The Last Enchantment 34) Seas of Tintagel 35) The Sentinel 36) Of Shadows and Light 37) The Sword And Th Rose 38) Ancient Stones 39) Ocean Sunset 40) Okari (Spirit Child) 41) Where Spirits Meet 42) First Light 43) Revelations 44) Ancestral Paths 45) Crystal Chamber 46) From Fire & Ice 47) Lady Igraine 48) Crystal Temple 49) Merlin 50) Primal Seas

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