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ShiGGa Shay

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For ShiGGa Shay

Pek Jin Shen (born September 12, 1992),known by his stage name ShiGGa Shay, is a Rap Artist, Music Producer & Song Writer. ShiGGa Shay was born in Singapore and lived at the East side of the little red dot until he was 7. He then moved to the West region of the country. He is the only child of the family and is a member of the Singapore Soka Association. He embarked his journey into the world of Hip-Hop at the tender age of 9, with the likings of other artistes like Eminem, 2Pac, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.

Artist Tags For ShiGGa Shay

1) Hip Hop 2) Rap 3) Singapore 4) Trap 5) All

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For ShiGGa Shay

1) Paiseh 2) In My Hand 3) Lion City Kia 4) if i, 5) Tapau - From "3688" 6) Red & Blue 7) Reason Why 8) LimPeh (feat. Tosh Rock) 9) What's Wrong 10) Leh Loh 11) Afraid to Love 12) Siala 13) Wussapa 14) Let's Roll 15) Never Learn 16) Ang Moh Pai 17) Nothin' On You (Feat. Inch Chua) 18) Everybody 19) ShiGGa Morning 20) Moon Talk 21) Lonely 22) Rock My World (feat. Vanessa Fernandez) 23) 打包 24) The New Skool 25) Lim Peh 26) Gravity 27) Brothers Forever 28) Vee's Interlude 29) Rock My World 30) Echoes (feat. Sylvia Ratonel) 31) Mama Don't Cry 32) Last Warning 33) ShiGGa ShiGGa 34) I'm Asian (Feat. Kwizyne) 35) The Look (Feat. Richard J) 36) Still Fly 37) Russian Roulette 38) Amazing 39) We On 40) Day Dream (Feat. Daryl Lai) 41) No Sound 42) On My Grind 43) So Long (Feat. D-Pryde) *snippet* 44) Echoes 45) What's My Name (Voicemail) 46) Wetter 47) Right Now (Bonus) 48) Coming Home (Ft. Valentina Chua) 49) Break Me 50) Calling Me

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