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Straitjacket Fits

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Straitjacket Fits

Straitjacket Fits formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1986 and were a prominent band in the Flying Nun label's second wave of the Dunedin Sound. Like many of their stablemates, the band hailed from the southern city of Dunedin. They formed from the ashes of The Double Happys, a band comprised of Shayne Carter, Wayne Elsey and John Collie. The tragic accidental death of Elsey saw the two remaining Double Happys join forces with David Wood in 1986 to form Straitjacket Fits.

Artist Tags For Straitjacket Fits

1) New Zealand 2) Flying Nun 3) Indie 4) Kiwi 5) Alternative Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Straitjacket Fits

1) She Speeds 2) Bad Note For A Heart 3) Down In Splendour 4) Dialling A Prayer 5) Brittle 6) Sparkle That Shines 7) Life In One Chord 8) If I Were You 9) Hail 10) So Long Marianne 11) Missing Presumed Drowned 12) All That That Brings 13) Headwind 14) Grate 15) Fabulous Things 16) Done 17) Cast Stone 18) This Taste Delight 19) Telling Tales 20) Dead Heat 21) Only You Knew 22) Cat Inna Can 23) Melt Against Yourself 24) Take from the Years 25) Such a Daze 26) Roller Ride 27) A.P.S. 28) Burn It Up 29) Hand in Mine 30) Skin to Wear 31) Quiet Come 32) Let It Blow 33) Spacing 34) Falling 35) Joyride 36) Train 37) Dialing a Prayer 38) Way 39) Brother's Keeper 40) Turn 41) aps 42) Dailling a Prayer 43) Sycamore 44) Rollerride 45) Whiteout 46) Solid 47) So Long, Marianne 48) In Spite Of It All 49) Cave In 50) Can Inna Can

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