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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Trapt

Trapt is an alternative band from Los Gatos, California, USA. The band formed in 1995, after meeting in high school, with members: Chris Taylor Brown (vocalist), Simon Ormandy (guitarist), Peter Charrell (bassist) and David Stege (drummer) and recorded the albums 'Amalgamation' and 'Glimpse' to sell at local shows. After several rehearsal absences and negative feedback the band decided to let David go. While attempting to find a suitable replacement, the band signed to Warner Bros.

Artist Tags For Trapt

1) Rock 2) Alternative Rock 3) Alternative 4) Hard Rock 5) Post-Grunge

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Trapt

1) Headstrong 2) Echo 3) Stand Up 4) Waiting 5) Still Frame 6) Made of Glass 7) Skin Deep 8) Bleed Like Me 9) Who's Going Home With You Tonight? 10) Contagious 11) Victim 12) Lost Realist 13) These Walls 14) Use Me To Use You 15) Repeat Offender 16) Influence 17) Wasteland 18) Black Rose 19) Disconnected (Out of Touch) 20) Ready When You Are 21) Lost In A Portrait 22) Hollowman 23) Stories 24) When All Is Said and Done 25) Enigma 26) Only One In Color 27) Disconnected 28) Forget About The Rain 29) The Game 30) Wherever She Goes 31) Cover Up 32) Curiosity Kills 33) Product of My Own Design 34) New Beginning 35) The Last Tear 36) Bring It 37) Who's Going Home With You Tonight 38) Sound Off 39) Stay Alive 40) End Of My Rope 41) Drama Queen 42) Get Up 43) No Apologies 44) My Own Design 45) Are You With Me 46) Beautiful Scar 47) Stranger In The Mirror 48) The Wind 49) Overloaded 50) Storyteller

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