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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For USF

USF (formerly Universal Studios Florida) is an electronic duo that began in the fall of 2008. Band members Kyle Hargus and Jason Baxter released their eponymous debut EP in January 2009, and followed it with the critically-acclaimed full-length Ocean Sunbirds in June 2010, both on Brooklyn’s Little Fury Things Records. Described as “primitive in its joy, and cosmic in its intention” (Chocolate Bobka) and “[a merging of] psychotropic house music with sonic textures long foreign to dance music” (Impose Magazine)

Artist Tags For USF

1) Hip-Hop 2) Electronic 3) Rap 4) Israel 5) Under 2000 Listeners

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For USF

1) Close Your Eyes 2) Point Break II 3) Let's Just Hide It 4) The Apartment 5) Let's Just Hide It (ft. Big Spider's Back) 6) Radiant and Insubstantial 7) Branss 8) Like a Small Rain 9) Visible Missing Objects 10) You, You, You 11) Salmon Colored 12) Forever Wading 13) Roof Access 14) The Television 15) Placidly Naked 16) See If They Come Back 17) The Sunlight Makes it Wear Off 18) Greywolf 19) Sibilant 20) Blurred Face (ft. Alaskas) 21) Jamaica Plain 22) Kneepads 23) Free 'Till Midnight 24) Soft White Watts 25) Lunar Halo 26) Spires 27) Universal 28) Chlorinated 29) Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed 30) Hyperspace Honeymoon 31) Eyedropper 32) Capri Sun Caravan 33) Blurred Face 34) Ambien Fort 35) Close Your Eyes (Beat Connection Remix) 36) Clovers, Carpet Samples 37) Velvet Painting of the Stars 38) Startled By Sparkling Water (feat. Alaskas) 39) Outtamind (feat. Fatha Green) 40) Universal (Reprise) 41) Haze Coasting 42) Brain Coral 43) Frozen Bayou (feat. Alaskas) 44) All the Lights Are on in Malibu 45) Datamoshing 46) Moon Bungalow (ft. Blind Man's Colour) 47) Old Spooky and Moss Hut (ft. Big Spider's Back) 48) Then Color 49) Close Your Eyes (ICUH8N Remix) 50) Last Boat Back

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