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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For WU LYF

WU LYF (pronounced "Woo Life", stands for "World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation") are a band from Manchester, England that originally became known for creating a mystery about themselves by declining requests for interviews and not releasing much information to the press. The band describes their music as "heavy pop". Members: Ellery James Roberts — Vocals, Organ Thomas David Francis McClung— Vocals, Bass, Guitar Evans Kati — Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Artist Tags For WU LYF

1) Lo-Fi 2) Indie 3) Experimental 4) Psychedelic 5) Heavy Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For WU LYF

1) Heavy Pop 2) Dirt 3) L Y F 4) We Bros 5) Concrete Gold 6) Cave Song 7) Spitting Blood 8) Such A Sad Puppy Dog 9) Summas Bliss 10) 14 Crowns For Me & Your Friends 11) Lucifer Calling (Demo) 12) We Bros (Single Version) 13) Nic Cave 14) We Bros (S. Maharba Mix) 15) We Bros (Young Montana? Mix) 16) LUNG SONGS 17) Go Tell Fire (Reprise) 18) Spitting it Concrete Like the Golden Sun God 19) LYF 20) Scissors For Your Hair 21) I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teef Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God 22) Split It Concrete Like The Colden Sun God 23) T R I U M P H 24) ALL THE SILLY CATS KEEP TALKING, SPITTING FLOWERS, SPITTING BLOOD 25) Brooklyn Girls 26) WU LYF - DIRT 27) Diamond voices sing diamond songs 28) 14 Crowns For Me Your Friends 29) We Bros (S.Maharba Remix) 30) spitting it concrete like a golden sun god 31) Calm Down 32) We Bros (Young Montana? remix) 33) Go Tell Fire to the Mountain 34) All the Silly Cats 35) Spitting it Concrete 36) Krusty (Papa M Cover) 37) 14 Crowns For Me And Your Friends 38) Triumph 39) We Bros - Single Version 40) Crowns For Me & Your Friends 41) wu lyf 42) We Bros - S. Maharba Mix 43) 14 crowns for you and your friends 44) We Bros (Young Montana Remix) 45) Gravitys Victory 46) full performance (Live on KEXP) 47) We Bros - Young Montana? Mix 48) split it concrete like the golden sun god 49) We Bros (S Maharba Mix) 50) 1421 Dirt

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