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Wailing Souls

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Wailing Souls

In the early days of the Wailing Souls, the first name that the group came up with in the late 60's was the Renegades. This group consisted of Winston 'Pipe' Matthews on lead vocals, Lloyd 'Bread' McDonald, and George 'Buddy' Haye. This line-up recorded backing vocals for an Ernest Ranglin album before breaking up in 1968. 'Pipe' and 'Bread' teamed up with two other singers after that, Oswald Downes and Norman Davis, and recorded the single "Gold Digger" for producer, Lloyd "Matador" Daley.

Artist Tags For Wailing Souls

1) Reggae 2) Roots Reggae 3) Dub 4) Roots 5) Jamaica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Wailing Souls

1) Act Of Affection 2) Jah Give Us Life 3) Old Broom 4) Fire House Rock 5) Things & Time 6) Shark Attack 7) Things and Time 8) Ghetto Of Kingston Town 9) Oh What A Feeling 10) Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall 11) Bredda Gravalicious 12) You Can Stay 13) Row Fisherman Row (extended mix) 14) Firehouse Rock 15) War Deh Round A John Shop 16) Don't Get Lost 17) Baby Come Rock 18) She Pleases Me 19) Run Dem Down 20) Picky Picky Head 21) Mass Charley Ground 22) Bandits Taking Over 23) Baga Trouble 24) Busnah 25) Love You Want 26) Sweet Sugar Plum 27) A Fool Will Fall 28) Feel The Spirit 29) Down On The Rocks 30) See Baba Joe 31) Tom Sprang 32) Wild Wild Life 33) Divided And Rule 34) Who Lives It 35) Very Well 36) Infidels 37) Rudie Say Him Bad 38) Stop Red Eye 39) Row Fisherman Row 40) Sticky Stay 41) War 42) Jah Jah 43) They Don't Know Jah 44) We Got To Be Together 45) What Is Your Meaning 46) Who No Waan Come 47) Row Fisherman 48) Jah Give Us Life (Don't Feel No Way) 49) Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live 50) Sweet Sugar Plum Plum

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