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Written by Wolves

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Written by Wolves

Written By Wolves, are a progressive, new, rock band hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. All four members, Davie Wong, Karl Woodhams, Bahador Borhani and Michael Murphy have devoted their lives to Rock music, and it is out of this shared love for the genre that Written By Wolves was born. They are a band that have set out to do things slightly differently, to create music that is new, unique and perhaps pushes the boundaries of what is expected from the rock genre.

Artist Tags For Written by Wolves

1) Alternative Rock 2) Industrial Rock 3) New Zealand 4) Rock-Dance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Written by Wolves

1) Elastic Heart (Rock Version) 2) To Tell You the Truth 3) Timebombs & Hurricanes 4) Not Afraid to Die 5) Genius 6) Explode 7) Pretty Lies 8) Oxygen 9) Starlight 10) Follow Me 11) Lights 12) Elastic Heart 13) Ripple 14) Apathy (Is a Hell of a Drug) 15) Promise Me 16) Young and Beautiful (The Secret Sessions) 17) Affirmation 18) Timebombs and Hurricanes 19) Elastic Heart (Rock Cover) 20) Not Afraid to Die (The Secret Sessions) 21) Lights (The Secret Sessions) 22) Genius (feat. Gladius) 23) Not Afraid To Die (Lyrics) 24) Elastic Heart (Sia Cover) 25) Explode (Lyrics) 26) Pretty Lies (Lyrics) 27) Genius (Official Music Video) 28) Young and Beautiful 29) Written By Wolves - To Tell You The Truth (Official Music Video) 30) Timebombs & Hurricanes (Official Music Video) 31) Elastic heart (Cover) 32) Young and Beautiful (The Secret Sessions Cover) 33) Pretty Lies [Alt.Rock / Electronic] 34) Explode [Alt. Rock] 35) Elastic Heart (Sia rock cover) 36) Lights ☜ROCKSTEP☞ 37) Written By Wolves - Elastic Heart (Rock Cover) 38) To Tell You The Truth (Official Music Video) 39) Timebombs Hurricanes 40) Elastic Heart [Sia] 41) Starlight ☜ROCKSTEP☞ 42) Pretty Lies (2015) 43) Pretty Lies (Official Music Video) 44) Genius (feat. Gladius) [Alt.Rock / Electronic] 45) Genius (feat. Gladius ) 46) Apathy 47) Not Afaid To Die 48) Written By Wolves - Timebombs & Hurricanes (Official Music Video) 49) Written By Wolves - Genius (Official Music Video) 50) Young & Beautiful (Lana Del Rey cover)

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