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Xiao Zhan

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan, também conhecido como Sean Xiao, é um ator e cantor chinês. Ele é um membro do grupo ídolo masculino X NINE. Xiao recebeu reconhecimento por seus papéis nos dramas Oh! Meu Imperador e O Indomável.

Artist Tags For Xiao Zhan

Male Vocalist




The Untamed

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Xiao Zhan

1) [Theme Song] Wu Ji - Chorus Edition 2) [Wei Wuxian] Qu Jin Chen Qing 3) [Theme Song] Wu Ji - Xiao Zhan Solo version 4) 滿足 5) 余年 6) 踩影子 (電視劇《哦! 我的皇帝陛下》插曲) 7) 策马正少年 - 《斗罗大陆》主题曲 8) 餘年 - 電視劇《慶餘年》片尾曲 9) [Wei Wuxian] "A Song of My Heart" 10) [Theme Song] Wu Ji 11) [Theme Song] "The Untamed" (Xiao Zhan Solo version) 12) Spotlight 13) 餘年 (電視劇《慶餘年》片尾曲) 14) 策马正少年 15) [Theme Song] Wu Ji (Xiao Zhan Solo version) 16) Light 17) Qu Jin Chen Qing 18) Satisfied 19) Spot of Light 20) 光点 21) Made To Love 22) Song Ends with Chen Qing 23) Returning Wei Wuxian to the one he loves 24) Yu Nian 25) Faded 26) 策馬正少年(《斗羅大陸》插曲) 27) Light Spot 28) 余生,请多指教 29) Unrestrained 30) 满足 31) Something Just Like This 32) Running To You With All I Have 33) 曲尽陈情 34) [Theme Song] Wu Ji - Xiao Zhan Solo version 35) Bamboo in the Rock 36) A Young Horse Rider 37) 光点 (Spotlight) 38) [Theme Song] Wu Ji (Xiao Zhan Solo version) 39) 用尽我的一切奔向你 40) 沧海一声笑 41) Satisfied (acapella) 42) QuJinChenQing 43) Red Plum Praise 44) The Satisfaction 45) Song of Red Plum 46) 阳光下的星星 (Stars In The Sun) 47) Hurt After Love 48) Wild Child 49) 无羁 50) Song Ends With Chen Qing (Wei Wuxian's theme song)

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