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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Xingfoo&Roy

Xingfoo&Roy is a three-piece band from Singapore. Daniel (Vocals/Guitar), Gabriel (Bass), Jerome (Drums). The band stems from their local roots and chooses to identify themselves with something internal and familiar. Their music mostly comprises fuzzy guitars and snappy melodies (with a heavy breakdown every now and then). Always aiming to make an orchestra out of three instruments, every song is meant to be met with emotion.

Artist Tags For Xingfoo&Roy

1) Singapore 2) Alternative Rock 3) Math Rock 4) Emo 5) Under 2000 Listeners

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Xingfoo&Roy

1) Anchor Forever 2) Kahlua 3) In Another Castle 4) Marla Singer Smokes Winston Reds 5) Life After Death 6) Never Enough 7) Your Princess Is.. 8) Paper St. 9) Aprendió Español 10) T.Y.S 11) So Is It Time to Grow up? 12) Reunion Dinner 13) Apartment Buildings 14) Stay Forever This Way 15) Learning Spanish 16) Your Sc@B 17) Great Wide Open 18) TYS 19) Does the Pope Shit in the Woods? 20) Chapters 21) Evening Sunshine 22) Let's Go on a Holiday 23) Your Princess Is... 24) I Do! I Do! 25) Reprise 26) Part II 27) Aprendio Espanol 28) Your Princess Is​.​. 29) Great Wide Open Bounce 30) Your Princess Is 31) Aprendió Español 32) Does the pope shit in the woods bounce 33) In Anther Castle

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