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Zehava Ben

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Zehava Ben

Zehava Ben (זהבה בן) is one of the most popular Israeli female vocalists in the Mizrahi genre, the Turkish style of singing which has come to dominate Oriental music in the '90s. Zehava is very proud of her Moroccan heritage, and most of her music is quite distinctive of that. Zehava has appeared in many music festivals outside Israel, namely in Sweden and France. Zehava is also popular in the Middle-East, even if her music is banned due to her Israeli origin.

Artist Tags For Zehava Ben

1) Israel 2) Israeli 3) Oriental 4) Arabic 5) World

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Zehava Ben

1) I am Sailing 2) Ya Mama 3) Ya Mama (Deep Dive Corp' Remix) 4) Melech Amiti 5) What Will Be 6) Y'mama (Deep Dive Corp. Remix) 7) Ya Mama [Deep Dive Corp' Remix] 8) Melech Amiti (A Real King) 9) Tipat Mazal 10) טיפת מזל 11) Ahava Asura 12) Razali 13) Ya ‘mama (Deep Dive Corp. Remix) 14) What Will Be? 15) מה יהיה 16) Ymama (Deep Dive Corp Remix) 17) אותו חלום 18) Ani Shata 19) Y'mama [Deep Dive Corp. Remix] 20) Zemer Shlosh Ha'Tshuvot 21) Lalehet im aor 22) גורל אחר 23) אהבה אסורה 24) Inta omri 25) מחרוזת מרוקאית 26) Ani Shata - Ehad Al Ehad 27) Y'Mama 28) Ya Habibi 29) זמר שלוש התשובות 30) Beit Avi 31) Hof Zahav 32) Peace And Love 33) Yesh Mi Sheohev Otach 34) Y'mama (Deep Dive Corp mix) 35) Zemer Shlosh Hatshuvot 36) מלך אמיתי 37) Daf hadash 38) יא חביבי 39) Sheani itah 40) Laila 41) Badad 42) Meshaker 43) Bait Avi 44) kmo gozal 45) Ya Mam (Deep Dive Corp' Remix) 46) Melech Amiti(A Real King) 47) Ata oleh 48) Ymama (Remix) 49) Ohevet 50) Haiya bishvilah

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