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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For bAnoffee

Banoffee (typeset as "bAnoffee") is the solo project of Australian musician Martha Brown (b. August 27, 1989), the sister of Melbourne, Victoria-based singer/songwriter Hazel Brown and formerly one-third of experimental pop band otouto. Two songs were released under the moniker - "Ninja" and "Got It" - on Brown's Soundcloud in March 2012. In July 2013, a video was released for a studio version of "Ninja," which was official released in August. December 2013 saw a new track, "Reign Down," released on Soundcloud.

Artist Tags For bAnoffee

1) Electronica 2) Chillout 3) Trip-Hop 4) Indie 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For bAnoffee

1) Ninja 2) With Her 3) Got It 4) Reign Down 5) Let's Go To The Beach 6) Body Suit 7) Ripe 8) Muscle Memory 9) Ohhhh Owwww 10) Bubble 11) With Her (Chad Valley Remix) 12) I’m Not Sorry 13) Oceans 14) Fall Fast 15) Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover) 16) With Her (Roland Tings Remix) 17) With Her (Sh?m Remix) 18) Muscle Memory (Bapari Remix) 19) I'm Not Sorry 20) Ohhhh Owwww (Young Magic's Soft Rain Mix) 21) Leona Lewis Cover 22) Banoffee 23) Ohhh Owww (Young Magic's Soft Rain Mix) 24) bleeding love 25) I Miss You (Frank Ocean cover) 26) Reign Down - Directed by Alice Glenn 27) Banoffee - Got It 28) Let s Go To The Beach 29) Ripe (prod. SOPHIE) 30) Let’s Go To The Beach 31) Banoffee - ninja 32) With Her {Roland Tings Remix} 33) "Ninja" (Dir. Alice Glenn) 34) Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover) 35) Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover) RA 36) Ninja (Dir. Alice Glenn) 37) Count on Me 38) Banoffee - Ripe 39) Her {Roland Tings Remix} 40) Ohhh Owwww 41) Lets Go To The Beach 42) Got It [garage band lazy version] 43) Ninja [garage version] 44) Banoffee for 2-TIMES 45) I Am Not Sorry 46) Ninja garage version 47) I Got It 48) Banoffee - Reign Down 49) I miss you (live ababcd) 50) Ohhh Owww (Young Magic Remix)

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