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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Danita

Danita Paner (born 2 April 1989) is a Filipino pop-rock singer. She is the daughter of former basketball player Manny Paner and actress Daisy Romualdez, and sister of Kristina Paner.[1] She has an album produced by Viva Records named Promotor[2] containing 10 tracks which includes the songs "Lunod" "Kung Wala Na Nga" and a cover of Prettier Than Pink’s song "Cool Ka Lang".

Artist Tags For Danita

1) Philippines 2) Poser 3) Opm Pop Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Danita

1) Lunod 2) Himala 3) Kung Wala Na Nga 4) Cool Ka Lang 5) Di Ka Makuha Sa Tingin 6) If Only 7) Tanong 8) Fire Love 9) Promotor 10) mili moi 11) Magandang Gulat 12) Sydbovna Greshka 13) Mili moj 14) Sudbovna greshka 15) Danita - Mili moi 16) Za kogo gi chuvash,dano,ochite 17) First Love 18) Danita - Mili moi 19) Ripped Jeans [6v4] 20) Cou Cou (Wide Awake r 21) Mexican Radio 22) Danita - Lunod 23) Kung Wala Ka Na Nga 24) Cool K Lang 25) CAPTIVATED [6v6] 26) Kung Wala Ka Na 27) Sudbovna greshka 28) Opm New2 - Himala 29) Escape - 19 Cuba rebelion 30) Himala (Rivermaya Cover) 31) noche 32) Ripped Jeans 33) I Did It For Love 34) Rare Bird

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