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the 8

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For the 8

Xu Minghao (Chinese: 徐明浩; Korean: Seo Myung Ho/서명호), better known as The8, is a Chinese singer, dancer and songwriter based in South Korea. He is a member of the South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN and its subunit "Performance Unit". The8 was born in Anshan, Liaoning, China on November 7, 1997. He attended Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. In 2015, The8 debuted in the South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN. Their first EP "17 Carat" was digitally released on 29 May.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For the 8

1) Side By Side - Korean Version 2) Side By Side - Chinese Version 3) Maze - 电视剧《永远的主君》原声音乐 4) 藏 - 影視劇《誰是兇手》推廣曲 5) Side By Side (Korean Version) 6) 나란히 (Side By Side) (Korean Ver.) 7) 藏 - 影視劇《誰是兇手》推廣曲演奏版 8) Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History 9) Side By Side (Chinese Version) 10) Side By Side 11) bit arcade font, deconstructed 12) Maze 13) Side By Side (Korean Ver.) 14) 肩并肩 (Side By Side) (Chinese Ver.) 15) Dreams Come True 16) String Brahms Guitar 17) Bit Guy has HAD IT with Techmoan 18) 那幕 (Falling Down) 19) Falling Down (那幕) 20) BIT HISTORY OF OSU 21) 藏 (影視劇《誰是兇手》推廣曲) 22) Side By Side (Chinese Ver.) 23) Falling Down 24) 5-0 Metalcore 25) Week Pull-Up Challenge (Everyone Can Do!) 26) 藏 (影視劇《誰是兇手》推廣曲演奏版) 27) Year-Old i7 2600 Vs 8 Modern Games 28) Bit Guy Channel Trailer 29) Side By Side - Korean Ver. 30) 나란히 (Side by side) 31) 나란히 32) 夜伴雨 (night and rain) 33) 那幕 34) Hide 35) 夜伴雨 (밤과 비) 36) Secret 37) 拍手 (clap) 38) essence of 39) Side By Side(Korean Ver.) 40) Falling Down 那幕 41) Side By Side - Chinese Ver. 42) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 43) 'SIDE BY SIDE' (나란히) 44) side to side 45) Woop. Woop. MIX 46) side to side - korean version 47) Side By Side (나란히) (Korean Ver.) 48) Side By Side Korean Ver. 49) Clap 50) THE 8 - 나란히 (Side By Side) (Korean Ver.)

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