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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For trustFundKilla

The devil's music some would say. We would rather say "Music that will destory your childs mind with hellfire". Trustfundkilla out of Oakland, CA. Death, Blood, and Diamonds. albums can be found at

Artist Tags For trustFundKilla

1) Dubstep 2) Dark Dubstep 3) Industrial Dubstep 4) Filthstep 5) Dirty Dubstep

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For trustFundKilla

1) Bloody Grills 2) Dinosaur Diamond Dubs 3) Razor Blade Rims 4) Sugar Coated Demon Arise 5) Psychedelic Corpse 6) Bad Reaction 7) BirthdaySex (slut pants remix) 8) Freaking Out Pink Squids 9) Drink Your Blood 10) Purple Blood Drains Out (Harbour Remix) 11) Iced Up Ghouls 12) What Happened to Grandpa 13) In The Bloody Penthouse (Cholocate Penthouse remix) 14) The Horror Show 15) The GrindReaper's Fangs 16) Goblin Thug Misfits 17) The Dark Digital Wilderness 18) Alien Cocaine 19) Golden Death Speaker 20) Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll 21) Burning Blue Dusted Berries 22) It's Me Pyscho-Active Bitches 23) Slugs 24) birthday sex (slut pants remix) 25) Neon Maniacs 26) Carnival of the Beasts 27) Smooth Purple Rabbit 28) Kash, Kut, Klot 29) In The Bloody Penthouse 30) The Prowler 31) The People Who Own The Dark 32) Yung LA - Ain't I ft. Young Dro, T.I. (Satan's Acid Remix) 33) Manics 34) I got dem (Poka Crack Remix) 35) Sloppy Party Zombies 36) Half Entombed 37) Pillz(remix) 38) 06-TrustFundKilla-Smooth Purple Rabbit 39) 01-TrustFundKilla-Sugar Coated Demon Arise 40) Rats Don't Sleep At Night 41) 03-TrustFundKilla-Iced Up Ghouls 42) 02-TrustFundKilla-Razor Blade Rims 43) 04-TrustFundKilla-Goblin Thug Misfits 44) 09-TrustFundKilla-It's Me Pyscho-Active Bitches 45) 05-TrustFundKilla-Burning Blue Dusted Berries 46) 07-TrustFundKilla-Dinosaur Diamond Dubs 47) 08-TrustFundKilla-Bloody Grills 48) 10-TrustFundKilla-Alien Cocaine 49) 11-TrustFundKilla-Kash, Kut, Klot 50) Ninth Night (Trustfundkilla remix)

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